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Last updated: 11 January 2013 (a number of authors seem to have been moving to AO3 and I will be gradually phasing out and updating old links)

A collection of selected links to Les Mis fan fic! It will be updated as time goes on, as there is much backlog for me to explore and new works still being created.

This sits somewhere between personal recommendations and academic fanthropology, in that I've naturally picked out things that I like but also tried to find as wide of a range of types of fic as possible, from historically detailed to absurdly cracky to scandalously steamy. Because I mainly want to get others into fandom! So I want to show that we have something for everyone!

My attentions center strongly on Les Amis -- and, indeed, most fic centers on them -- so they have the majority of the links. As such, I’ve divided things up into three rough sections: general, non-Amis (involving characters other than Les Amis) and Les Amis (involving Enjolras and/or his friends).

Also, when "AU" is indicated, it is in the sense of taking place within the world of Les Mis but, at some point, diverging from the canon plot and/or French history. I think that the history/setting is part of what draws many of the fans, so there isn't much by way of the high school/Gundam/modern day/etc. type of AUs.

And so! In no particular order...

General )

Non-Amis )

Les Amis de l’ABC )
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Title: The Last Place You've Been
Author: [ profile] nightangelca
Pairing(s): none
Rating: G
Summary: Post-camp. Post-barricade. AU.

could it be your death means nothing at all/ is your life just one more lie )
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Title: A Potential Christmas, 1832
Author: [ profile] nightangelca
Pairing: none...ish
Rating: G
Summary: December 25, 1832. Christmas bells are ringing. Post-camp. AU.

On a street in the night/ in the cold winter's light... )
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Twenty things about Enjolras. )


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