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My introduction to slash came through Les Misérables. It was then that I started down my current path to that special hell.

Anyhow. The predominant slash pairing was Enjolras/Grantaire (and this still seems to be the case). All of this slash stuff was quite new and exciting to me; I read it and loved it and searched for more of it and devoured it.

And then I suffered a backlash.

It turned out that I actually didn’t like E/R ("R" being a familiar abbreviation for "Grantaire") as a pairing. Unfortunately, due to its overwhelming prevalence, what should be just a matter of preference tends to have something of a knee-jerk negative response from me now. But I do my best to be a good fan and play nice.

Still, it’s probably obvious that I am of the Enjolras/Combeferre bent. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine – I don’t believe that it would actually happen. But I would like for it to be able to happen – I believe that it would be good for Enjolras while not pushing the boundaries of character and canon as I see E/R doing (at least when it’s good for him).

Enough shipping, though!

So. There's an "Enjolras in camp" section at the end, but on a whole, this here is about Combeferre and Grantaire. Why am I doing a canon compilation/essay for two characters that I don't (and won't ever) play in CFUD?

My impression is that Enjolras's two most notable relationships in canon are with Combeferre and Grantaire -- extremely different, but both important for a character who has next-to-no personal interactions. Both Combeferre and Grantaire are fascinating characters on their own and you should app them, but they also help me to get a better grip on Enjolras, who risks floating away from the rest of humanity without them. You know what they say about getting to know someone by seeing whom they hang around with. Or something like that. Actually, I'm not sure exactly what they say, but it's something to that effect, I'm sure.


Combeferre: The Right-Hand Renaissance Man

Combeferre is a medical student/doctor, a member of Les Amis de l'ABC (the republican political club of which Enjolras is the de facto leader), a complete geek and probably the most underappreciated of Les Amis. While not as flashy or obviously charming as some of the other Amis, he's a witty voice of reason and helps to connect Enjolras to the rest of us lesser mortals. Very often portrayed in fandom as wearing spectacles.

You should app him. I would app him in a heartbeat, except that the playercest would kill me.

The art of the manly shoulder-grasp. For hand-clasping, please see appendix. )

In short? Combeferre is a completely awesome guy. In fact, he is so awesome that even Enjolras is aware of his awesomeness, or at least won over by it, if not consciously aware. Combeferre might function as Enjolras's right-hand man, but he's actually quite equal to Enjolras (perhaps even a little more than equal at times).

Aaaaah, if the playercest wouldn't kill me, I would so app him.

[Part Two]


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