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Last updated: 11 January 2013 (a number of authors seem to have been moving to AO3 and I will be gradually phasing out and updating old links)

A collection of selected links to Les Mis fan fic! It will be updated as time goes on, as there is much backlog for me to explore and new works still being created.

This sits somewhere between personal recommendations and academic fanthropology, in that I've naturally picked out things that I like but also tried to find as wide of a range of types of fic as possible, from historically detailed to absurdly cracky to scandalously steamy. Because I mainly want to get others into fandom! So I want to show that we have something for everyone!

My attentions center strongly on Les Amis -- and, indeed, most fic centers on them -- so they have the majority of the links. As such, I’ve divided things up into three rough sections: general, non-Amis (involving characters other than Les Amis) and Les Amis (involving Enjolras and/or his friends).

Also, when "AU" is indicated, it is in the sense of taking place within the world of Les Mis but, at some point, diverging from the canon plot and/or French history. I think that the history/setting is part of what draws many of the fans, so there isn't much by way of the high school/Gundam/modern day/etc. type of AUs.

And so! In no particular order...


One Miz, Two Miz, Red Miz, Blue Miz by Jehan’s Muse
Not so fast, you two-bit whore!/ You can't do this anymore./ Our fair city you disgrace,/ You just mauled some rich guy's face!
What it looks like.

LES MISERABLES UNITS Manuals by Enjy-Glomper
The second mode is SUICIDAL MODE while in this mode, the INSPECTOR JAVERT UNIT will wander the streets aimlessly, write a long list of ways to better the prison systems, and, lastly, jump off bridges.
Manuals for the ownership and operation of Les Miserables Units, including Javert, Les Amis, the Thenardiers and Enjolras.

Les Miserables and Zombies by Yours Truly-Jill the Ripper
So, in time, the Bishop of Digne built his dojo. It was built next to the hospital that was once the bishop's palace. The Dojo of Digne was immensely popular with male and female students alike, and the zombie population slowly decreased. The bishop became Grand Master Bienvenu, and was the Yoda of 1815.
It is actually an honest-to-goodness Les Mis With Zombies -- hilarious for being well-written and completely straight-faced in tone. Only three chapters, but three chapters of gold.


In the name of the Law!
by AmZ
#include tenacity.h
#include austerity.h
#include melancholy.h
#include investigation.h /* For Prefecture Archives */
#define look(x) glare(x)
#define breadthief MUST_SIT_IN_THE_GALLEYS
#define availableCompassion (0)

You know nothing of Javert. He was, in actuality, a robot.

Concussion in the Absolute by Rabbit
AU, Javert/Valjean but obliquely so
Even he, he had always known, was not immune from sin, but his sins had hitherto been ones of omission, not of action. In a one fell swoop, he had become a liar, and not only that, but a liar of exalted lies- his fall had been blessed by God. By this admission, he grew to recognise that he had raised up a spirit already exalted in heaven, by removing his earthly bonds. In a way, all he had really done was remove a pretension on his own part- he had taken himself from the place of judge and master over Jean Valjean, and admitted that the man lived completely in the jurisdiction of the Almighty.
Javert after the barricades, had his thoughts been able to, with no little struggle, bend rather than break.

Miss Fantine Had a Lover by Marianne
Whether it was boredom/ Or simply awful luck/ Miss Fantine's lover left her/Once he'd used her for a
A cautionary clapping game!

Les Amis de l’ABC

The Miserable Diaries by Framboise
Success! Have established band of loyal followers by standing on tables and singing. Cannot be entirely sure whether they are in it because they wholeheartedly believe in upholding the noble aims of the Republic or because they want to get into my pants, but at this stage too excited to care.
Fandom classic, one of the spiritual children of "The Very Secret Diaries" of LotR fame.

Everybody’s Free (To Overthrow the Government) by Ursula
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, overthrowing the government would be it. It is a time-honored tradition that has been proven, in a best-case scenario, to allow for a republic to be set up; in a worst-case scenario, you will walk away a character in a 19th century novel. The dramatic effects of a successful uprising are a matter of public record, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own limited experience.
A filk of that "Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" song that I have still never heard. Another fandom classic.

A Wasps' Nest by Petronelle Lemaitre and Catherine Lafontaine
Les Amis/Les Amis - NSFW for most parts
"But he did not necessarily express commitment to your ideas -- splendid though they are." Combeferre shakes his head slightly. "I would not see you hurt, Julien. Not now. There are lamentably few ways to test the truth of what any man says, save by asking him for, ah, a greater loyalty."
A different sort of classic. This epic fandom-famous work is everything anyone who wants to experience Les Amis as a tangled gay 19th-century French soap opera could want. Based on the very simple premise that all of Les Amis are sleeping with each other. All of them. With all of them.

A Difference of Understanding by AMarguerite added 1/11/12
Grantaire, Feuilly (with Bossuet, Joly, Jehan, Combeferre and others)
Grantaire managed to tear the bow off of the strings of the violin to see what appeared to be an army of decomposing corpses surging out of the graveyard and up to the apartment.
"Oh, how exciting!" Jehan practically squealed.

In which Grantaire recounts to his captive audience (Feuilly) of a valiant battle against the undead, despite Jehan's Romantic enthusiasm for them. Feuilly finds several things to be wrong with this story.

A Thousand and One Nights by Abelarda
Combeferre, Feuilly
"Would you like me to tell you the ending?" he asks suddenly, as if it could change anything. But Combeferre is sure Jehan would like Feuilly to know how the fairytale ends.
A lovely little piece of barricade genfic, as Combeferre shares with Feuilly a book that Jehan had loaned to him.

The Cure for Musichetta by Rabbit
Musichetta/Joly/Bossuet, Joly/Bossuet
Well... an abnormal amount of perspiraton in the palms of the hands, accompanied by a slight feverish sensation, lightheadedness becoming occasional dizziness and, um, tell me- does my tongue feel funny to you?
A charming, light-hearted romp through the eccentricities of eternal BFFs Joly and Bossuet, as they discover themselves brought even closer together by the mischief of their shared mistress, that irresistable Musichetta.

O for a life of sensation by anon (kink meme)
Bahorel/Jehan - NSFW
Bahorel is wearing a truly hideous waistcoat today and, for once, has dressed even worse than Jehan, who decided not to tie or button any of his clothes they way they were made to be fastened. Jehan reaches up and matter-of-factly deranges Bahorel's neck-cloth so that they can match in untidiness.
The request had been for "over the top Romanticism." The request is fulfilled. Jehan is such a fucking hipster except that these hipsters are sincere.

untitled by anon (kink meme)
Enjolras/Courfeyrac - NSFW
Courfeyrac looked at him in surprise for a moment, then realized he wasn't actually surprised at all. It made far too much sense. Enjolras who had never taken a mistress, Enjolras who surrounded himself with other men, Enjolras who seemed to channel all his passions into his love for his country--the only really surprising thing was that he'd never taken a lover.
Yeah, it's porn. I get a kick out of the sexually inexperienced-but-still-confident Enjolras in this one. Because if Enjolras did decide to shag someone -- well, let us not forget that the dude is a passionate man of action. It's also delightful to see Courfeyrac be rendered speechless for once.

Everybody Loves... Someone Else. Not You. by Rabbit
Courfeyrac, Joly/Bossuet, Les Amis/Les Amis
"Oh haven't we all, my friend, haven't we all? You must hand it to René, he's terribly discreet-- but everyone has sought solace upon that pillar of sympathy at some point or another, and everyone knows it."
A one-shot comic treatment of the "all of Les Amis are sleeping with each other, in some permutation," as described by our favorite Eagle of Words.

Cthulhu fhtagn by Marguerite
"I see we should have interpreted that a bit more literally," said Courfeyrac. "To be fair, most of us interpreted the Great Old One rising from the deep being the French Revolution, not... that... thing."
This is my official Les Mis fix-it fic, end of story. "In which the sewers of Paris are used in a way Hugo never intended and in which everyone ought to have taken Jehan more seriously."

Secrets of the Deep by Marguerite
Sure enough, Jehan had set the lobster free to wander around the table, tied a ribbon around its neck and was now trying to teach it to fetch. At the other end of the table, closer to the stove, Enjolras was quite calmly cutting up onions and tomatoes, as if it were perfectly normal for Jehan to befriend the dinner ingredients.
"Jehan expounds upon Romantic philosophy and gets a pet lobster, a la de Nerval." The backstory for how Jehan acquired Hébert, his pet lobster, who shows up in a few of Marguerite’s other fics.

Ye Merry Gentlemen by Marguerite
"He asked, 'where would you be without us'?" Courfeyrac translated, as he and Joly helped Bossuet to his feet and began to brush him off. Joly nodded vigorously.
"Probably dead," said Bossuet. "I find that is my answer to most everything, which is why I take such pride in my funeral orations. Here lies a fallen eagle, who has not been trapped by a Corsican, or by a Caesar, but by the cruel carriage of fortune."

"A belated Christmas fic, in which Bossuet receives a number of Christmas presents, is of extremely good cheer, engages in a snowball fight instigated by Courfeyrac, and manages to keep warm, despite the cold."

My Object All Sublime by Marguerite
Joly was desperate to point out that the detached curiosity in Enjolras's expression was not disdain or snobbery, but merely Enjolras processing new information, but didn't know how to say it. Enjolras always had to come at a situation from his inner world of symbols and archetypes and, oh no, he was going to say something that all of them would think was perfectly reasonable because they knew Enjolras, but Feuilly was going to throw a chair into the wall—
"Feuilly joins the Amis and objects to everything , Joly and Combeferre try not to objectify patients, Enjolras cannot help but objectify the People, Courfeyrac is an object of merriment and Jehan makes Combeferre into an object of the sublime." Angry!Feuilly is possibly one of my favorite things ever.

Aunt Wodehouse Pays A Visit by Marguerite
"The answer to our financial difficulties will not, and I have no idea why I have to repeat this, will not involve prostitution."
"How about moral ambiguity?" asked Grantaire.

"When your printer is arrested, your royalist aunt is coming for a visit and your best friend declares that he is dying of love or cholera and has challenged a Russian hussar to a duel, it is a bad day to be a revolutionary, or a normal one to be Bossuet." A shame that it is unfinished, but it is truly about the journey rather than the destination. As the title might indicate, this one tends a bit more toward the ridiculous than Marguerite’s other fics, but in the most wonderful and delightful of ways.

An Education by The Highest Pie
Being a member of a subversive political society, Bahorel reflected, certainly had its upsides: it filled an otherwise unremarkable existence with excitement, provided plenty of excuses for starting rows (and the occasional minor riot), and – he grinned to himself – it never failed to impress women, who never could resist a dashing young revolutionary. However, he reflected irately, it left little time for schoolwork, and tonight, he was in no mood for writing an essay.
Simply a game for rich young boys to play.

Gusts From the Depths by The Highest Pie
"We found his spirit a few days ago. We now have the duty to allow his body the same honor.
One-shots of gazing upon death.

To Hide the Sword by Marianne
Enjolras/Combeferre, of a fashion
Combeferre took the opportunity to study—him? her? It was like watching an optical illusion, a bird on one side of the paper and a cage on the other, or perhaps a drawing with two different faces hidden in it.
The most outstanding Femmejolras fic I've ever read. With the number of words that VHugo spends telling the reader how pretty-as-a-girl Enjolras is, it's not an uncommon trope, but too often changing Enjolras' sex/gender seemed to result doing some damage to his character.

untitled by anon (kink meme)
Enjolras/Combeferre - NSFW
They never spoke of it and never kissed, although from that night on they slept chastely in each other's arms. The closeness forged between them on those July nights endured. They were more than friends and less than lovers, joined but not tender with each other.
What's a fandom without depressing period-appropriate external/internal homophobia slashfic?

Regrouping by anon (kink meme)
vaguely Courfeyrac/Enjolras
Both men looked to where their leader was writing – or trying to write, holding a pen in nerveless fingers, his eyes were wide and fixed on the paper before him. His blond hair, streaked with blood, powder and smoky grime, streamed in disarray around his head like a flaming aureole. His fingers were almost black, and the red splatter of blood that was not his own stained his sleeves.
Worked-past-the-point-of-exhaustion is... totally one of my kinks. Most of the characters that I like best are very prone to it. No exception here.

Mal du siècle by Colonel Despard
"No, Combeferre." Enjolras interrupted. "I know now what the sentence is, even if I do not know the precise date it is to be executed. I will spend what time remains to me in our work."
The taking of what could be the most soggy, self-indulgent of cliches and turning it into a bittersweet little piece of dignity and friendship.

Le Rose Couverte by Colonel Despard
Absurdly and just a bit desperately, Joly wondered if perhaps these might be working men – after all, two were dressed in smocks – and perhaps, just perhaps they might be interested in the brotherhood of man and...
In which Joly discovers that Enjolras really can take care of himself, and then some.

Va attraper une étoile filante by Colonel Despard
AU, Enjolras/Grantaire - mildly NSFW in a couple parts
Well, I never thought the day would come when I would find an E/R fic that was actually E/R and happy and good, but here it is. Granted, it does need to rewrite French history to do so, but if you're able to take that, it is incredibly well-written and hits my happiness kink so hard. I've linked to the full kink meme version, but a slightly self-censored version is also up on the author's page.

To Celebrate the Need of Comrades by Mme Bahorel
"I want the two of you to make a pass through the Latin Quarter," Enjolras told Joly and Lesgle. Things always went better for Lesgle if he were with Joly, as if his guardian angel, keeping the reverses of fate away, were a pale medical student. "Collect a crowd, and march past every government building you like."
A pretty densely historical (which is nothing but a positive in this corner of fandom) fic of the 1827 parliamentary elections.

untitled Christmas fic by anon (kink meme)
Enjolras/Combeferre - NSFW
They toasted families living and dead, roasted the traditional sausages over the fire and laughed over Combeferre's inability to have smuggled a waffle iron out of his family home (ordinary bread was not a tradition for réveillon), sat before the small fire and wondered if their other friends had gathered for the holy day. But soon enough, their fingers found each other, lips returned to sips of pleasure rather than sips of wine, and cravats became a nuisance to be discarded.
Porn. And also Christmas. But mostly porn. But gosh, I love holiday fics.

Vive le Republique! by anon (kink meme)
Courfeyrac/Combeferre/Enjolras - NSFW
“Are you going to tell us about the Friends of the ABC?” the second man demanded, lips inches from the prisoner’s ear.
THIS IS WHY KINK MEMES EXIST. BDSM roleplay where the scene is Enjolras being "interrogated," with Courfeyrac and Combeferre playing his captors. And Combeferre being unable to stop being a mother hen even then.

Stargazing by anon (kink meme)
Courfeyrac/OFC - NSFW
It was the way she smiled, the way she blushed so delicately, but restrained from giggling. Not that Courfeyrac disliked it when girls giggled, quite the opposite. Like the rats of Hamelin to the Pied Piper’s music, he followed, entranced. Though with his sweet, beautiful mademoiselle, it would seem unfitting somehow. She was beauty incarnate, an Aphrodite to which no other woman held a candle.
Prompt: Sweet fill in which Courfeyrac takes some girl's virginity, please. Girl cannot be taken advantage of, she must have some idea of what she's getting into.

An Education by Mme Bahorel
Courfeyrac, Marius/Cosette - NSFW
"Missionary again? Christ, even she's bored!"
In which Courfeyrac is pulled from beyond the grave to provide some assistance to his now-married friend.

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