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Grantaire: And Eponine thought that she had it bad...

If Combeferre is Enjolras's not-boyfriend, Grantaire is his fanboy-stalker. Among Les Amis de l'ABC, Grantaire is the One Of These Things That Is Not Like The Others. Others are there for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they are of a common liberal ideology, share a common cause.

Grantaire's there for Enjolras. No, really.

On his own, pretending he's beside him~. )

Grantaire is something that Enjolras can't rid himself of. They're too polarized for Grantaire to be able to sway him like Combeferre -- not that Grantaire has anything he's trying to convince anyone of (actively, at least). (He makes me think of a quote from Angels in America, when Belize is bitching out Louis and tells him that it's no fun arguing with him because it's like throwing darts at jello.) Grantaire's very existence is an argument, one could say, perhaps. And it's one that Enjolras labels as invalid and does his best to ignore. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away, though. It also doesn't erase the fact that Grantaire is actually, you know, a human being whom Enjolras is rejecting so harshly.

As far as CFUD goes, Grantaire would be a challenge if you didn't share his same knowledge-base. (The most Hugo-esque, IC Grantaire I have ever known was written by a person who happens to be a classics expert. Yeah. While the allusions, etc. aren't everything... well, I don't think that it's a coincidence.) But a little knowledge (and a handy reference for double-checking) goes a long way. He's just... such a wonderfully charming and infuriating character. And he let's you go on such amazing flights of language.

...of course, he might die of alcohol withdrawal. But, I mean, Camp is probably like one long absinthe dream, anyways, so the psychological aspect would be taken care of, at least.

Being Gay is One Thing... But a Country?

Yeah, yeah, Francosexual, you've heard me say it before blah blah blah.

Coming into CFUD, I didn't want to play Enjolras as asexual. As a matter of fact, in the back of my mind, he was actually straight when I first started playing.

...I found that playing him as heterosexual was very difficult, so I just stopped trying to force it.

But what are his thoughts on slash? )

You just wish that your love was as pure as Enjolras/Hospital.

You People: An Experiment in Human Relations

So, we have a doctor, a tennis player- no, I mean the ones in CFUD; I.e. The Section About Enjolras’s Relationships with People in Camp. )


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