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Clothing/Appearance: Enjolras dresses plainly and neatly, favoring somber colors such as black, gray, brown and dark greens and blues. He wears mostly the period clothing he was wearing when he first came to camp: white shirt, dark green waistcoat (predecessor to the modern vest), black trousers, white cravat, black shoes. He has a black coat, but camp is informal enough that he hardly ever wears it indoors; he also has a hat that he rarely wears. In his time at camp, he's picked up some contemporary clothing (from that clothing closet, probably). Slacks, button-up shirts, blazers -- again, plain, somber, respectable-looking.

If he's out and about, he'll almost always have his laptop with him, possibly a book as well. And if he plans on going anywhere beyond the main central area of camp, he'll have his shotgun with him.

As for his physical appearance, he has quite a bit of canon information: slender, tall (which translates to being of average height in camp -- I'm saying 5'10"), fair-skinned, blond hair, blue eyes and, overally, pretty damn good-looking. He's not so bishie as to be mistaken for a girl, but nobody would call him a manly man. And he is on the young-looking side -- at this point, he's twenty years old and probably appears to be around 16 (albeit a slightly eerily old-looking 16).

Habits/Mannerisms/Body Language: Enjolras has an almost militaristic bearing that would seem stiff if it weren't for the ease with which he handles himself; he's comfortable with his body and possesses a relatively good amount of natural grace. Overall, the body language says, "I can handle myself; as such, you will not handle me, so keep your distance and everyone will be happy." He doesn't actively shun physical contact, but he isn't a fan of it being actively pursued, either, unless it's for a valid reason. And no, anything that's not platonic is not valid. He's definitely more physically comfortable around guys than around gals; he'll keep more distance between you and him if you're female.

Often, he gets a thoughtful/far-away expression on his face. That has absolutely no correlation to whether or not he's paying attention to what's happening around him. And he is a rather still person, not fidgety at all. Actions are completely fully, smoothly and efficiently, with no extra flailing or quirks.

Current Residence: Hospital Room #208. The room is plain and, after more than a year, hardly personalized at all. There are some small piles of books here and there, as well as a slightly creepy looking nightlight in the shape of a bear (thanks, Megan).

Typical Daily Routine: On a typical day, Enjolras will be awake at around 6 AM. Breakfast at the messhall, then reading the news online (mostly op-eds -- he isn't so interested in the specifics of current events, but he's curious about the ways that people think about and approach them). Probably a trip to the library before lunch. Lunch, then the afternoon is pretty open. Things likely to fill the afternoon include reading, target practice, more reading, and preparing plans/speeches/whatever for when he gets back home. After dinner, he is likely to be a little more social; he'll be around, checking things out, seeing what's going up. Generally, he's back in his room by 10 PM and goes to bed at 11 PM.

Favorite Haunts: Enjolras is actually an out-and-about sort of a guy; he just doesn't usually strike up conversations, is all. Places you might spot him are the library, the mess hall, the hospital, the shooting range and the outside area around the cabins. He likes being among crowds.

Making the Bed? Yes.
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Lists of campers and counselors whom Enjolras has met, along with an IC score from 0-5 for how likely Enjolras is to interact with the character again under normal circumstances. (...which doesn't necessarily indicate how much he likes a character. Um.)

If I've forgotten anyone, hit me upside the head. (I most likely have forgotten many people for Enjolras, as he's been here the longest. I'll be going to check through all his posts/threads later.)

5 = Almost certainly
4 = Probably
3 = Maybe
2 = Probably not
1 = Almost certainly not
0 = avoiding you, actually

Campers )

Counselors )

..oh wow, fail. Note to self: get out an meet people with Enjolras, these lists aren't as long as they were at one point. ;_;
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Note on Name: Enjolras has no canon given name. I've provided him with one because I'm assuming that he, you know, does have one, it just wasn't told to us. I do try to avoid using it, though, not only because he prefers not to use it, but because it's a rather big non-canon item to be using. Not that I'm. You know. In any danger of having to retcon it.

Age: 19 (was 18 when arrived in camp).
Birthday: 26 March, 1810.

Age and birthday have been retconned because I apparently couldn't do math on the day I calculated them.

Height: 178 cm (5'10"). (In canon, he is only specified as being "tall." In early 19th century Western Europe, 5'10" would be notably tall.)
Eyes: Extremely light blue.
Hair: Blond.
Medical Info: An extremely normal human. No, really.
Physical traits: A soulful-eyed bishie. No, really. Here, have some canon.
He was angelically beautiful. He was Antinoüs, wild. You would have said, seeing the thoughtful reflection of his eye, that he had already, in some preceding existence, been through the revolutionary apocalypse. [. . .] He had a deep eye, slightly red lids, thick underlip, readily disdainful, and a high forehead. Much forehead in the face is like much sky in a horizon. Like certain young men early in this century and late in the last, who became illustrious in early life, he had an exceedingly youthful look, as fresh as a young girl's, though he had moments of pallor. [. . .] Had any grisette of the Place Cambrai or the Rue Saint-Jean-de-Beauvais, seeing this college boy's face, the body of a page, long fair lashes, blue eyes, that hair flying in the wind, rosy cheeks, pure lips, exquisite teeth, felt a desire to taste all this dawn, and tried her beauty on Enjolras, a surprising and terribly look would have suddenly shown her the great gulf, and taught her not to confuse Beaumarchais's dashing cherubino with this fearsome cherubim of Ezekial.
HEY VICTOR HUGO DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY ABOUT HIM JESUS CHRIST. I really am tempted to give him his own, you know, hidden wind to blow his hair around in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but that might just be because I'm on crack whadduya think.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything. No, really. He says that he doesn't want to be told history from his time through around, hm, maybe the late twentieth century, but if he finds out, he'll just have to deal. And really, he's generally pretty good at that.
Abilities: Intelligent, intuitive, observant, a good speaker, good with firearms, pretty intelligent with weapons in general... and really pretty. It's an ability, I swear. It's like with the elves in The Lord of the Rings, where everyone else is, like, "AAARGH MY GUTS ARE FALLING OUT AND I JUST SWALLOWED MUD" and he's just, like, " that a smudge upon my delicately well-defined cheekbone?" And in canon, apparently he can do this... "intimidating" thing, though it's visual and I haven't succeeded yet in figuring out a way to translate it into words. It's just like, hey, you pissed him off, TIME TO TURN ON THE SCARY. Or something. Way to go with the godmodding, V.H..
Notes for the Psychics: He's fairly straightforward, really. You'll find a lot in there about France. And nothing about women.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: For bodyswapping, drop me an e-mail, IM or PM me in IRC. For more minor things, though, just go ahead.
Maim/Murder/Death: Sure. The possibility of maiming or otherwise injuring is fine without permission -- if I think he'd ICly do it, I'll walk right into it. |D If you want to put him out for the count, a quick IM/PM/whatever would be great. I'll most likely say 'yes,' unless I planned to do something with him very soon.
Cooking: ...he won't starve? Don't depend on him for a good meal, though.
Kissing/Hugging: If you would ICly do it despite a person's body language, etc. very strongly discouraging such actions, go for it. He will hate you, though.
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Me: [ profile] nightangelca, C.A., the Korean Ninja. I'm usually Tatsumi on IRC, though I've also been seen there as Enjolras, Maladict and TupperwareMonster.

I play: Enjolras ([ profile] patria_ou_mort), Maladict ([ profile] bad_addict) and Tatsumi ([ profile] kagekachou).

Read more... )
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Stolen from Roxas, because I love violence and don’t mind having my characters beaten up. 8D

Faito! )
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In which everything can basically be summed up by 'OOC concern? Let me know. Also, EST.' No, seriously. )
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Twenty things about Enjolras. )
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So a lot of Enjolras's "canon" is actually just French history. I've put together a timeline of sorts here for quick reference. A lot of it occurs before he was even born, but the Revolution was still relatively recent history and would be rather important to a fellow of his interests. Historical events are in bold (without underlines -- the dates are just formatted big/underlined to make it easier to read), things occurring in the book are in normal text and my canon speculation is in italics. Once you get into the 1830-32 area, history and book tend to overlap; there I use normal text only for events that are fictional.

I'm having Enjolras' time at his arrival at CFUD be 1829, but I've included some of the events that follow. Because that's really when all of the exciting stuff happens.

There are "spoilers" here... but honestly, Les Misérables isn't a book you read to be thrilled by plot twists. At least I don't think so.

Here be dates. )


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